The Difference Between a Breast Lift and a Breast Lift with Augmentation

Expert Insights from Dr. Chad Wu in Richmond Hill, Midtown, Downtown Toronto

Dr. Chad Wu, a renowned plastic surgeon in Richmond Hill, Midtown, Downtown Toronto, knows that every patient is unique. When it comes to breast enhancement procedures, he offers a range of options to meet individual needs. Two popular choices are a breast lift alone and a breast lift with augmentation. Although both procedures improve the appearance of the breasts, they differ considerably in several key respects.

Volume increase:

  • Breast lift: A breast lift, or mastopexy, aims to reshape and reposition existing breast tissue. It is ideal for women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts but are suffering from sagging or loss of firmness.
  • Breast lift with augmentation: The breast lift with augmentation combines the benefits of a breast lift with the addition of breast implants. This procedure is suitable for those who want a more elegant appearance and increased breast volume.

Incision techniques:

  • Breast lift: A breast lift typically involves incisions around the areola, in the lower breast and sometimes horizontally along the breast crease. These incisions allow Dr. Chad Wu to remove excess skin and reposition the breast tissue for a more rejuvenated contour.
  • Breast lift with augmentation: When a breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift, additional incisions may be required to allow for the placement of breast implants. Dr. Chad Wu carefully selects incision sites to minimize scarring while achieving the desired results.


  • Breast lift: The breast lift is designed to address the specific problems of sagging and loss of shape of the breasts. Dr. Chad Wu focuses on restoring a more youthful, contoured appearance to the breasts without altering their size.
  • Breast lift with breast augmentation: This option offers a high degree of customization. Patients can choose the type, size and shape of breast implants to achieve the desired size and fullness of their breasts while addressing sagging issues.

In summary, the main difference between a breast lift and a breast lift with augmentation is the incorporation of breast implants to increase volume. Dr. Chad Wu’s expertise in both procedures ensures that patients in Richmond Hill, Midtown, and Downtown Toronto can access a wide range of options, allowing them to choose the one that aligns with their aesthetic goals and unique anatomy.

During a consultation with Dr. Wu, patients can discuss their desires and concerns, and together, they can create a customized plan that best meets their needs. Whether you want a more lifted appearance or volume enhancement, Dr. Chad Wu can guide you to the desired natural, aesthetic results.

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