If you are interested in restoring your hymen, your needs will be met with great care.

Dr. Chad Wu has pioneered many cutting edge techniques regarding restoration and rejuvenation of the vagina (as well as the labia minora) and a torn hymen is one of the simplest vaginal issues to correct.

With acute attention to detail, and great sensitivity and care, Dr. Wu will be able to restore your hymen to a “pre-sexual” state. This is a very delicate issue for women and you will feel a sense of ease when you are in the hands of Dr. Wu, who will assure you that your procedure is addressed with respect and dignity. Care and compassion are given to patients who may have lost their hymen due to incest, rape, or child abuse.


  • If your culture and traditions require you to be a virgin when you are married, hymenoplasty can prevent many family conflicts.
  • This intervention can also be offered to victims of rape in order to help them to rebuild themselves psychologically. Hymenoplasty consists in rebuilding the hymen, which allows women to regain their virginity and erase bad memories.


Hymenoplasty, or Hymen Reconstruction, restores the hymen membrane to a “pre-sexual” state.

By restoring the hymen to a “pre-sexual” state, your vagina will be rejuvenated. Hymenoplasty is a simple procedure that will repair a torn hymen and pull together the tissue so it is once again covered by the vagina. In some cultures, a torn hymen can affect their marriage prospects, reputation and life. By restoring and repairing the tissue, a woman can regain control and ownership of the area and feel good about her body once again.

Dr. Chad Wu is extremely sensitive to women who may be undergoing this procedure Hymenoplasty, or Hymen Reconstruction, restores the hymen membrane to a “pre-sexual” state.

The Procedure


  • Do not take anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin.
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking any medications.
  • Report any allergies to your surgeon.
  • If you smoke, tell your surgeon.


  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Do not wear jewelry.
  • Wash with disinfectant soap.

This operation is usually carried out under local anesthesia, sometimes under general anesthesia, and lasts about 30 minutes. The surgeon restores the hymen by joining the remaining parts of the torn hymen or by taking tissue from the surrounding mucous membranes to reconstruct the membrane.

You can return home the day of the operation and resume work the next day. You may have sex in the days following the procedure, but be aware that the healing will be complete after one month. You should, in the meantime, clean yourself with an intimate wipe morning and evening and after each urination.

Please note that blood loss is not routine when the hymen is torn. However, the man will feel some resistance at the moment of penetration.

  • No alcohol
  • No tobacco
  • No sexual intercourse
  • No hygienic tampons
  • No intense physical activities
  • No sauna
  • No swimming


  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Phlebitis
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Hematoma
  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Necrosis of the mucosa


I don’t want anybody to know about it? Is it possible?

We know, the reason for hymen repair are intensely personal, that is why everything starting from consultation till the procedure, is kept strictly confidential. Actually this is day care procedure. You can go to home/office straightway after the procedure and nobody can make out you underwent some procedure. Usually no follow up is needed.

Is it painful?

This is absolute painless procedure. This will be done under local anesthesia or you can choose to sleep during the procedure if you feel apprehensive.

What will happen on the day of procedure(Hymen-repair)?

Dr. Wu will discuss the things with you to make you feel comfortable. The procedure will be done under local anaesthesia with presence of a qualified female co-coordinator. The procedure will be finished in 30 minutes and you can go to your home immediately after the procedure.

How I will feel after procedure?

This is a painless procedure. With normal painkillers and antibiotics you will feel absolutely normal after the procedure. Little discomfort (just like you feel during your menses) may be felt for initial week.

How long is the recovery time?

You will go to your house immediately after the procedure. You need to stay for 1-2 hour with us (those from outside or abroad may stay with us for more than one day if they want). The procedure is so comfortable and simple that you can perform day to day activities even on the evening of procedure without getting noticed that you have undergone surgery. You can do most of regular activities including office work after the procedure.

What is after Care?

No special care is needed. You will be advised to maintain the level of local hygiene. You will be advised and trained to do this. All you have to do is just cleaning the area with some antiseptic solution like diluted betadine and using sanitary pads for initial few days. The total strengthening of hymen takes about 2-4 weeks. Strenuous/vigorous exercises or using a tampon or douche are to be avoided during the process of healing.

How much time I need to recover for hymenoplasty before marriage?

The hymenoplasty can be done a week prior to marriage, though it is advisable to get it done about 3 to 4 weeks prior to marriage to allow good healing. After this period the repaired hymen will remain intact till you get sexual intercourse when the hymen will get torn and will bleed like virgin hymen. That means you need minimum 2 weeks, though maximum may extend till years as the repaired hymen remains intact till sexual intercourse.

Is there scar or sign of operation?

No, This is fine cosmetic surgery and there are no signs visible after surgery. Once you have recovered full, you will see an intact hymen like natural one without any scar mark

Any risks/complications of hymen repair?

This is very common and simple procedure. This is a safe procedure with no risks associated.

Do I need accompanying person?

If you are major (> 18 years) there is no need of accompanying person. The secrecy and confidentiality is strictly maintained.


Making the investment in your personal appearance and well-being shouldn’t be a barrier to any of our patients. Dr. Wu offers financing as an alternative to obtain the procedure of your choice.

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